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Latest reported US strikes: Pakistan December 25, and Yemen April 21

A US Reaper drone favoured by the CIA (General Atomics/ Flikr)


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December 25 2013

♦ 3-4 reported killed
♦ 1 reported injured

At least three people were killed in the first Christmas day drone strike on Pakistan recorded by the Bureau since the strikes began in 2004. Although the dead reportedly could not be identified, they were allegedly Afghan militants. At least two missiles were reportedly fired on a house near Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan Agency. The attack hit at around midnight. Local tribesmen reported drones remained flying over the area after the strike. It was the first attack in 26 days and hit the same day the Afghan Taliban attacked the US embassy in Kabul. The militant group fired two rockets at the mission in a dawn attack. There were no reported casualties.

Location: Qutab Khel, Miranshah, North Waziristan
References: AFP, Express Tribune, Dawn, Xinhua, Pakistan Today, PTI, Express Tribune, New York Times


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April 21 2014
♦ Multiple casualties reported

A third day of air strikes killed several suspected al-Qaeda members in Yemen’s southeastern Shabwa Province, several sources reported. The BBC quoted local officials as saying that at least three al-Qaeda members had been killed when a US drone fired a missile at the car they were travelling in the early hours of April 21. It was not immediately clear how many people were killed in Monday’s reported strike.

A senior Yemeni official told AFP that the three separate suspected drone strikes over the weekend were part of an “unprecedented operation” that was launched on ‘information that al-Qaeda was plotting attacks on vital installations, military and security, as well as foreign interests in Yemen.’

The official said the April 21 strike happened shortly after midnight local time. Witnesses told AFP that an unmarked helicopter landed at the scene of the strike to retrieve the bodies of those killed, suggesting there may have been a senior militant among the dead. ‘The operation seems to indicate that one of the dead could be an important leader of al-Qaeda,’ one witness said.

The Associated Press, citing Yemeni security officials and tribal chiefs, reported that ‘a local militant commander’ had been killed, along with ‘several’ suspected al-Qaeda members. Tribal leaders told AP that local commander Munnaser al-Anbouri died in the strike.

Some reports put the number of suspected militants killed over the weekend in  series of suspected drone strike as high as 55. AP reported that ‘Yemeni forces, backed by US drone strikes‘ had struck targets in ‘an assault on a major base of the terror group hidden in the remote southern mountains.’

The Yemeni Ministry of Interior reported an hours-long series of air strikes against suspected al-Qaeda positions.

‘Security authorities in Abyan revealed the killing of three dangerous al-Qaeda members during the air strikes that targeted Al-Qaeda gatherings in the areas of Lawdiya, Al-Khayala and Al-Ramtha as well as other regions [on April 20],’ a statement on Yemen’s interior ministry website said.
‘The security authorities stated that the air strikes, which lasted for several hours, killed around terrorists from Al-Qaeda, including three movement leaders.’
In named among the dead suspected militants Salem Abedrabbo Al-MushaybiHussein Al-Mehrak and Saleh Saeed Mehrak.

A Yemeni official told CNN that the number of dead amounted to ‘at least 30 militants’ in a ‘massive and unprecedented’ operation against suspected al-Qaeda position in Abyan and Shabwa provinces. Citing security officals, AP reported that a series of airstrikes hit an alleged militant base that ‘includes a training ground, storehouses for weapons and food and vehicles used by the group to launch attack’.

A Yemeni military source told Xinhua news agency that ‘at least four’ suspected militants had been killed in the strike. The source said that ‘the US unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at a small pick- up truck travelling in a desert road in the Usylan region in Shabwa province late Sunday night, killing all four people on board,’ Xinhua reported.

Type of strike: Possible US drone strike
Location: Usylan, Shabwa Province
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