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Latest reported US strikes: Pakistan July 19, and Yemen June 21

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July 19 2014
♦ 11-15 people killed

A drone fired multiple missiles at a building or buildings in a suburb of Datta Khel in the early hours of the morning, reportedly killing at least 11 alleged militants. Initial reports put the death toll at eight however three people recovered from wreckage with “serious burns” subsequently died of their injuries.

The drones reportedly targeted a “sprawling compound“, “two suspected militant hideouts” or a compound and two vehicles filled with explosives. And one official described the target as: “There are tents and there are mud houses, occupied by militants fleeing Miram Shah and Mir Ali.”

This is the third strike this month in the Datta Khel area - all three targeted a building and possibly vehicles. The latest attack came three days after the bloodiest strike in over a year. A tribal elder suggested US drones were attacking the area, rather than Pakistani troops, because it is in the control of Hafiz Gul Bahadur, who had declared a ceasefire with the Pakistani government.

None of the dead were named and it was not clear what armed group they belonged to. The bodies were “mutilated beyond recognition”, an unnamed source said.

Several sources described most of the people killed as members of the Punjabi Taliban – locals told the New York Times 10 of the dead were from Punjab, and five others were affiliated with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). Several other sources also reported a majority of Punjabis and minority of alleged IMU fighters among the dead.

However the Wall Street Journal reported some of the dead were fighters loyal to senior local commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur. And two unnamed Pakistani intelligence officials said the dead were TTP members. Two important commanders were killed in the strike, a “senior security official” told AFP. He said: “The drone fired eight missiles on the compound around 2:00am (2100 GMT) on Saturday killing eleven members of the Punjabi faction of the Pakistani Taliban.”

The Pakistani government condemned the strike and sought to downplay suggestions it is complicit in the US drone war.

Location: Doga Madakhel, Datta Khel tehsil, North Waziristan
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June 14 2014
♦ 5-6 reported killed
At least five alleged AQAP members were killed when their vehicle or convoy of vehicles was hit by several missiles reportedly fired by a US drone either late on June 13 (Reuters) or on June 14 (Associated PressXinhua. Yemeni officials told reporters the men included a suspected commander identified as Musaad al-Habashi, and Reuters quoted local tribesmen saying the dead included two unnamed Saudis. The Long War Journal noted that al Habashi’s ‘role in AQAP is unclear’ and that AQAP has not acknowledged the death.

Xinhua put the number of dead at ‘about six’. ‘A US unmanned aircraft fired missiles at a two-vehicle convoy of the al-Qaida gunmen in al-Saeed rugged region of Shabwa, killing about six terrorists inside the travelling cars,’ an anonymous military official told Xinhua.

Type of strike: Possible US drone strike
Location: Mafraq al Saeed, Shabwa province
References: Associated Press, XinhuaReuters, Al Jazeera, Long War Journal

June 21 2014

♦ Casualties unknown

Associated Press reports that an anonymous Yemeni security official claimed a US drone attacked unspecified targets in al Bayda, but did not provide any further details. Access for reporters to the southern province is currently severely limited due to ongoing Yemeni military operations against AQAP.

Type of strike: Possible US drone strike
Location: Al Bayda province
References: Associated Press