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Latest reported US strikes: Pakistan December 25, and Yemen April 1

A US Reaper drone favoured by the CIA (General Atomics/ Flikr)


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December 25 2013

♦ 3-4 reported killed
♦ 1 reported injured

At least three people were killed in the first Christmas day drone strike on Pakistan recorded by the Bureau since the strikes began in 2004. Although the dead reportedly could not be identified, they were allegedly Afghan militants. At least two missiles were reportedly fired on a house near Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan Agency. The attack hit at around midnight. Local tribesmen reported drones remained flying over the area after the strike. It was the first attack in 26 days and hit the same day the Afghan Taliban attacked the US embassy in Kabul. The militant group fired two rockets at the mission in a dawn attack. There were no reported casualties.

Location: Qutab Khel, Miranshah, North Waziristan
References: AFP, Express Tribune, Dawn, Xinhua, Pakistan Today, PTI, Express Tribune, New York Times


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April 1 2014
♦ 3 people killed
♦ 4 people injured

Three were killed in the first strike in Yemen in 20 days. The attack reportedly hit an alleged al Qaeda camp, meeting or vehicle at around 1pm local time. The dead were reportedly taken to the town of Shabwa by car. US drones reportedly carried out the attack. The day before Yemen Air Force war planes reportedly targeted an al Qaeda position in Abyan – there were no reported casualties.

The attack came the same day as Saudi al Qaeda suspects, Mohamed Samel al Outebi, 30, and Mohamed al Aser, 31, were reportedly arrested in the west of the country. And two alleged al Qaeda members and two Yemeni soldiers were reportedly killed in the north of Yemen.

Type of strike: Possible US drone strike
Location: Mahfed, Abyan province
References: Xinhua, Yemen Post, al Wasat News (Ar), Barakish (Ar), Yemen Fox