Get the data: Drone wars

Pakistan drone statistics visualised

Pakistani Army Patrols Taliban Stronghold On Afghan Border

These graphs accurately reflect the Bureau’s data on CIA drone strikes in Pakistan.

They are designed to illustrate in the simplest possible way key statistical data from our investigation. Click on a graph to enlarge.

You are free to download and to reproduce them, provided the Bureau is credited.

All Totals Dash
Pakistan drone strikes: illustrating minimum reported total casualties, minimum reported civilian casualties and minimum casualties aged under 18.

Civs Per Year Dash
This graph illustrates the minimum reported civilians killed in drone strikes in Pakistan year by year.

Killed Per Year DashThis graph shows the total number of people reportedly killed in CIA drone strikes in Pakistan.

Strikes Per Year Dash
This graph shows the tally of total drone strikes in Pakistan between 2004 – 2015.