Latest reported US strikes: Pakistan October 11, and Yemen October 15

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October 11 2014
♦ 4-6 people killed
♦ 2 people reported injured

The seventh of the recent spate of US drone strikes in a week reportedly killed at least four including a senior al Qaeda members and alleged Afghan Taliban fighters.

The attack reportedly hit around noon, flattening the targeted house with two missiles. The strike targeted militants fleeing the ongoing Pakistan military offensive, according to the Express Tribune. The area targeted was said to be dominated by tribesmen from Kokikhel, sub-clan of Afridi tribe.

One of the dead was named as Sheikh Imran Ali Siddiqu, (aka Haji Shaikh Waliullah) a senior figure in the newly created al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS). A spokesperson for AQIS confirmed Siddiqu was killed in the strike.

The spokesman said Siddiqu had spent eight years in jail for his part in attacks on the US consulate in Karachi. The spokesman added: “[Siddiqu] has been engaged in jihad since 1990. The mujahideen brethren were present atop a mountain when the drones rained missiles, martyring them at the scene.”

There was some dispute over the precise location of the strike. One report, citing “official sources,” said the strike hit a village “right on the [Afghan-Pakistan border] but the area which was targeted falls under the Afghan jurisdiction”.

The distribution of drone strikes demonstrated “the US intelligence agency and Pakistani security forces [were] once again cooperating on defeating the insurgents,” according to McClatchy news agency. The CIA drone strikes were followed by Pakistan Air Force jets reportedly killed 21 people in a series of airstrikes in North Waziristan and Khyber the next day.

Location: Chancharano Kandaw area, Tirah valley, Khyber Agency
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October 11 2014
♦ 2-4 people killed

The 400th US drone strike in Pakistan since the first known fatal one just over a decade ago ago, and the 349th drone strike of Obama’s presidency.

Either two or four people were killed when the strike reportedly hit a vehicle. The dead reportedly included foreigners and locals. One was identified as Mohammad Mustafa. Mustafa was described both asa local leader” from the Hafiz Gul Bahadur group and “a key TTP” commander (ET)

The attack reportedly hit near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. There were conflicting accounts of where the strike hit. Some Pakistani intelligence officials told Reuters it killed two suspected militants near the border with Afghanistan. However Pakistani sources told the Associated Press the attack hit in Margha, Afghanistan, just across the border from North Waziristan.

The Pakistani Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said after meeting with US trade and national security officials: “We have an advance technology which can easily examine that the [recent] strikes were aimed at areas across the western border.

Location: Marga, Shawal area, North Waziristan
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October 15 2014
♦ 4 reported killed

four people were killed in an alleged US drone strike on a vehicle in the southern Shabwa province. The dead were allegedly al Qaeda members. One was identified as Mahdi Badas (aka Abu Hussein) by local sources and the Yemeni defence ministry. He was reportedly a local leader in the group.

The others were identified by Sanaa-based, freelance journalist Iona Craig, as: Musab al Wawari, Fares Azunjubari and Hudhaifah al Azdi (KSA).

An anonymous Yemeni official told Xinhua: “The air raid was conducted by a US drone plane which targeted small pick-up truck in the Shabwa province, killing four people inside who are suspected to be members of al Qaeda terrorist group.” Pictures of the wreckage were widely reported on traditional and social media:

The strike comes at a time of high tension in the country. Houthi separatists took control of the capital Sanaa in mid-September. There has since been tense negotiations between the government and separatists. The Houthis have continued to take control of cities and provinces, including the Red Sea port of Hodeidah. On October 9 al Qaeda killed at least 47 in a horrific suicide bombing in Sanaa, targeting the Houthis.

Type of strike: Airstrike, possible drone strike
Location: Bani Assaf, Mayfaa district, Shabwa
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