Covert Drone War

The complete datasets

Heron surveillance drone in Kandahar (US military/ Robert Bottrill, CF Combat Camera/ Flickr)

Heron surveillance drone in Kandahar (US military/Robert Bottrill, CF Combat Camera/Flickr)

The Bureau monitors reports of US drone strikes and other covert operations in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Read our methodology here and click through to our detailed databases for each of the conflicts:


The Bush years – 2004 to 2009

Obama drone strikes: 2009

Obama drone strikes: 2010

Obama drone strikes: 2011

Obama drone strikes: 2012

Obama drone strikes: 2013


Reported US covert actions 2002-2011

Reported US covert actions 2012

Reported US covert actions 2013


Reported US covert actions 2001-2013