Our Funding

As a non-profit organisation, the Bureau relies on donations from pioneering foundations and individuals who recognise the value of investigative journalism in empowering citizens and protecting democracy.

The Bureau was founded in 2010 with generous support from David and Elaine Potter, who have remained deeply committed to the Bureau’s work ever since. With their backgrounds in media and computing, David and Elaine understand the importance of information for free and thriving societies.

We are extremely grateful to our funders and supporters:

We would also like to thank all those who have previously supported our work:

  • Bertha Foundation (Bureau Local)
  • The Evan Cornish Foundation (Environment)
  • European Journalism Centre (Bureau Local and Global Health – Superbugs)
  • Google Digital News Initiative (Bureau Local)
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (Bureau Local)
  • Open Society Foundations (Shadow Wars)
  • Joseph Schull (Bureau Local)
  • Rudolf Augstein Stiftung (Bureau Local)
  • Wellcome (Bureau Local)

Journalismfund.eu has provided support for Bureau journalists. We have received in-kind donations or pro-bono services from: Google, Gorkana, Shutterstock, and Simons Muirhead & Burton Solicitors.

A model of philanthropically funded journalism has fundamentally changed the news landscape in the United States. Non-profit organisations such as ProPublica and the Center for Investigative Reporting are achieving lasting impact and giving citizens access to the information they need through independent investigations and public interest reporting. The Bureau is at the forefront of the same transformation in the UK.

The small print

We welcome donations from foundations, organisations, and individuals, and accept one-off grants, or ongoing support, either for specific projects or for the entirety of our work.

Editorial independence is guaranteed by our constitution. The Bureau Managing Editor's decision is final and independent of any influence from our funders.

Our work is published on our website and freely available under a Creative Commons licence. Any revenue received from media organisations or others is re-invested in our journalism.

Main image, of the audience at a recent panel event, via the Bureau.

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