The Trust for TBIJ

The Trust for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism is an independent charity (1179275) established in 2018. It exists to support charitable elements of the Bureau’s work and mission to keep democracy strong, hold power accountable and make societies more just through investigative journalism.

The Trust makes grants to support charitable activities that inform communities and enable people to participate as active citizens. The Trust’s income comes from donations by individuals and grants from trusts and foundations. It is registered with the UK Charity Commission and donations to the Trust can be made tax-efficiently.

The Board of Trustees is chaired by Sir David Bell and its members come from various backgrounds, with one unifying passion for investigative journalism and its significance in relation to transparency at a local, national and global level.

The Trust supports the Bureau in promoting civic values for the good our society, bringing more clarity and public understanding to complex systems and processes, and driving change for affected communities by informing the work of charities and other civil society organisations in the relevant areas.

Editorial independence is guaranteed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s constitution. The Bureau CEO’s decision is final and independent of any influence from funders including the Trust.

You can learn more about the Trust by visiting its page on the Charity Commission website.

For more information please contact Clare Forknell, the Bureau’s Development Director: [email protected]

Meet the Trustees

Sir David Bell (Chair)
Jodie Ginsberg
Dr Conor McCarthy
Geoffrey Robertson QC
Jennifer Robinson

We are extremely grateful to all those who fund our work through the Trust:

The David & Elaine Potter Foundation
The Hollick Family Foundation
The John Ellerman Foundation