Statement from Trustees of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism


The following statement has been made by the Trustees of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:


“The Bureau of Investigative Journalism was established to apply the highest standards of investigative and fact-based journalism in the public interest. During its first three years, the Bureau has won a number of major awards for its journalism and built a reputation for quality and the avoidance of sensationalism. The governing Trust of The Bureau does not endorse any material or output that fails to meet these standards.

“The Bureau was named as a contributor to the broadcast of a BBC Newsnight programme on November 2 on child abuse in North Wales.  The Trustees are appalled at what appears to be a breach of its standards.  To the extent that the principles of The Bureau have been ignored by an involvement in this story, remedial action will be taken against those responsible.  The Trustees must ensure that due process is applied and are establishing the key facts.”

James Lee (Chairman) on behalf of The Trust.


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For legal reasons the Bureau will not be publishing comments on this article.