Statement from Bureau trustees on Iain Overton’s resignation


The following statement regarding Iain Overton’s resignation has been issued:


“Iain Overton has resigned his appointment as Editor of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  Deputy Editor, Rachel Oldroyd, will assume responsibilities for editorial control of The Bureau.   An appointment of an Interim Editor is likely to be announced in the near term.

An inquiry to establish the role of The Bureau in the Newsnight story broadcast on November 2 is in urgent progress. An interim report will be issued as soon as possible.

Trustees reaffirm The Bureau’s commitment to fact-based, non-sensational investigation in the public interest. Any role by the Bureau or its officers in this story was strictly contrary to the fundamental principles and standards of the Bureau.”


James Lee (Chair) on behalf of The Trustees


For legal reasons the Bureau will not be publishing comments on this article.