About Bureau Local

The Bureau Local is an innovative journalism and technology team working with local reporters to dig into datasets and tell the stories that matter to communities across the UK.


We believe local journalists are crucial in holding power to account.

But their ability to do this is being threatened as newsrooms cut budgets and staff alongside the time and resources given to much-needed investigative reporting.

This has happened at the same time the digitisation of information has grown exponentially. In every area of public and private life, information that was previously found on paper now exists on computers, and there is far more of it. Having the tools to access and analyse this abundance of data is now critical for effective reporting.

There are many powerful public interest stories out there that will only be discovered if traditional investigative techniques are combined with technology. We will work with the UK’s local media to develop a new approach to reporting in a digitised society.


The Bureau Local will build an unprecedented network of journalists and tech experts across the country who will work together to find and tell stories that matter to local communities. Find out how to join us.

The Bureau Local’s team members combine years of experience in local reporting with award-winning data journalism and development skills. We’ve left our jobs at The Times, Trinity Mirror, Greenpeace Investigations and the Croydon Advertiser because we want other journalists to benefit from the use of technology in public interest reporting.

Our exact method and approach will be developed over time in partnership with the community we will build. We will be open and transparent so that others can help strengthen our process.

The overarching aim is to combine our skills and expertise with that of reporters and technologists across the country, and take on the stories too time-consuming or technologically complex to be done alone.