A black, white and green illustration of a series of workers at minimalistic workstations staring at screens, all in the style of circuitry on a motherboard

Why we’re investigating

The global technology industry is dominated by huge companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars, wielding power to rival nation states. They have led a revolution in how we communicate, work and consume, redefining democratic processes and power relations in the process.

The Bureau’s Big Tech team is tasked with investigating the impact these companies and the systems built around them have on virtually every person on the planet.

We don’t intend to replicate the reporting done by other news outlets on Big Tech. We want to provide deep reporting on the systemic issues impacting people’s lives. We’ll do that by gathering evidence of where Big Tech is going wrong and revealing stories of its human and environmental cost.

Our focus will extend well beyond the wealthy nations that benefit the most from Big Tech, to give voice to those far from Silicon Valley who nevertheless live in its shadow. We know there are many of these stories around the world going untold.

The relationship between Big Tech and society is largely defined by unequal access to information. Ultimately we want to help rebalance that relationship through the in-depth reporting the Bureau is known for.