Interactive timeline of all recorded CIA drone strikes

We’ve constructed an interactive timeline of drone strikes in Pakistan using TimeGlider, a program that’s freely available online. Our timeline includes every single Pakistani drone strike that’s recorded in the Bureau’s database, and can be scaled according to your preferences.

You can move the timeline backwards and forwards by scrolling from left to right, and can use the slider interface on the right-hand side of the screen to view more or fewer events in a single screen. Zooming further out is a great way to see how significant geopolitical events provoke increases in strike frequency. However, be aware that zooming too far out can slow the program down.

Click the blue ‘legend’ icon in the top left of the screen to bring up a code explaining what our different icons mean. By selecting multiple keys within the legend, you can instruct TimeGlider to only display events in a certain region, or civilian casualties only.

Click the ‘Pakistan’ icon in the top left to bring up a series of further options, then click ‘List’. You can use this interface to search for a particular strike or strikes. Try searching for a particular location or date, or alternatively search by the Bureau ID that we have assigned each strike.

The Bureau’s major assessment of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan is an ongoing project. 

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