Pakistan drone statistics visualised

These graphs accurately reflect the Bureau’s data on CIA drone strikes in Pakistan.

They are designed to illustrate in the simplest possible way key data from the Pakistan section of our ongoing investigation. Click on a graph to enlarge.

You are free to download and to reproduce them, provided the Bureau is credited.

The total drone strikes in Pakistan from June 2004 to present. Note that two strikes in January 2009 came during the final weeks of the Bush presidency, before the then president-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration.

The minimum number of reported civilians killed in the CIA drone strikes in Pakistan, year by year.

The minimum total number of people reportedly killed in CIA drone strikes in Pakistan, year on year. The civilian casualties represented in the graph above this are a portion of the casualties represented this graph. The two should not be viewed as cumulative.

The total drone strikes, minimum total people killed and reported civilians killed in Pakistan under presidents Bush and Obama.

The casualty rate, or minimum number killed per strike, for CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. The rates in 2006 are 47 total killed per strike and 45 reported civilians killed per strike. This year has been excluded as it distorts the graph.