Annual Report

Below is our 2020 annual report, containing our recent financials and an overview of the work we've done over the past year and the change we've been involved in achieving.

Message from our chairman

2020 was an extraordinary year for everyone. As chair of the Board at the Bureau since its foundation in 2009, I am proud to report that, despite very difficult circumstances, our organisation has grown in every way.

As this report shows, we have published more stories and tackled more important issues. Our reporting has uncovered new evidence that has led to lasting change. We have worked with more national and international media partners, including many of the world’s leading newspapers and broadcasters, to reach a bigger and more diverse global audience. We have increased the impact of our work and have created the capacity to achieve even greater impact in future, and we have recruited more journalists.

The pandemic has placed new demands on philanthropy. Despite this, we have developed new funding partnerships and extended current commitments. With two new directors we have broadened the expertise and perspectives of our Board. By expanding our team and strengthening our leadership, I believe that we have invested in the resilience we need to realise our full potential.

I would like to recognise and thank all those who have made this possible: our readers and audiences, our publishing partners, our sources and collaborators, and our funders. In particular, I pay tribute to our dedicated team who have continued to grow the ambition and success of the Bureau in these very difficult times.

The explosion of the pandemic shone a light on new societal issues, while existing failings and inequalities have been thrown into sharper focus. The need for independent investigative journalism to scrutinise and help drive change may have never been greater.

James Lee
Chair of the board of directors

TBIJ 2020 annual report

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