Annual Report

Here is our 2019 annual report, containing our recent financials and an overview of the work we've done over the past year and the change we've been involved in achieving.

Here are our highlights from a busy and impactful year at the Bureau.

Shining a light in the darkness

Foreword from our managing editor, Rachel Oldroyd

“As we enter the new decade, ours feels like an uncertain world. As journalists we cannot fix the problems. But we can shine a light on dark places, on corruption and bad behaviour, on corporate incompetency and government failure, and so be a central cog in driving positive change.

Last year our reporters tackled some of the defining issues of our time. Our work highlighted the role of the food industry in destroying the Amazon; held the US government to account for their covert military actions; and informed a decision by the Indian government to ban the dangerous overuse of a super-antibiotic in farming.

Back in the UK, work by our reporters and members of the Bureau Local network prompted the police to better investigate allegations of domestic abuse by officers; revealed how our housing “safety net” is failing the vulnerable; and warned that overstretched councils were selling off key community assets.

In 2020, we will launch new projects on oligarch influence, artificial intelligence, and global health, and the Bureau Local will continue to innovate to better support the local news ecosystem. Thanks to the loyalty and generosity of our supporters, I am confident the Bureau will continue to be a force for good in these dark times.”

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