Annual report

Below is our 2021 annual report, containing our recent financials, an overview of the work we’ve done over the past year and the change we’ve been involved in achieving.

Message from our CEO

Welcome to our 2021 annual report. It’s been a remarkable year.

The information and evidence we uncovered was read and used by more people than ever, in over 100 countries.

We trawled through thousands of leaked documents, built datasets, worked with whistleblowers, sat in court hearings, tracked cargo ships, followed grain trucks, analysed data records and talked to tens of thousands of people to reveal the harm that governments, big corporations and unscrupulous officials are having on our world and in our communities.

We dug into vaccine contracts. We shone a light on the lawyers, bankers and others – the “enablers” – in London cleaning and legitimising the reputations and wealth of corrupt oligarchs. We revealed the money made by those peddling misinformation. We exposed the appalling wages paid by some of the world’s largest companies and we tracked how the global food industry continues to destroy our planet.

As a society, we mustn’t underestimate the power of this scrutiny as an important line of defence against inequality and injustice. If we don’t know the extent of a problem – what’s causing it, who is affected and what can be done – how can the right changes be put in place? And once we put those measures in place, whether it’s regulation or policies, how do we hold those responsible to account? We need watchdogs on our side pursuing this mission that are independent, brave and – crucially – trusted by people and communities.

Our findings were cited in parliaments, in reports and by thousands of media outlets across the political and geographic spectrum. CEOs, politicians, lawyers and even a regulator had to answer hard questions as a result of our reporting. Investment firms pulled out of companies we revealed as falling short on environmental protections and governments pledged funding to help provide access to vital oxygen supplies at the height of the pandemic.

Yet what I am most proud of is the difference our work has made to individuals. Undocumented migrants unable to get Covid vaccines were granted access following our reporting. A family in the north of England was able to keep their home because we shared the injustice of their story with the nation. And a woman violently abused by her police officer partner was finally able to find someone to believe her.

In these dark times, the world needs light. Each day our team works tirelessly to shine a light into dark corners to make a real difference. We can do this because we have a growing, engaged group of supporters. Thank you. I hope you enjoy reading what your support has produced.

Rachel Oldroyd
CEO (until May 2022)

TBIJ Annual Report 2021

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