Research Reports

Links to our longer reports, where we investigate subjects such as impact in journalism in greater depth

Here are the links to some of our longer research reports.


CIA Torture Unredacted

A 400-page report published in conjunction with The Rendition Project giving the most comprehensive account to date of the CIA's "rendition, detention, interrogation" programme - a nine-year covert effort which saw scores of prisoners flown around the globe to be tortured in undisclosed sites.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism submission to the Local Government Finance and the 2019 Spending Review Inquiry

A detailed assessment of the current financial situation of councils, how this has affected their ability to deliver services and the barriers that exist to public understanding of these issues.

Government Data Systems: The Bureau Investigates

A report detailing a six-month scoping exercise examining what IT systems the government is buying, with the aim of launching a new investigative theme looking at how the public sector is using artificial intelligence and big data.


Journalism as a public benefit

The Bureau's submission to the UK government's Cairncross Review, examining how to protect and sustain high-quality journalism. We argue that non-profit public interest journalism should be granted charitable status.

New models of journalism

The Bureau Local's submission to the UK government's Cairncross Review. It describes the Bureau Local's innovative model and makes the argument for an environment that helps new initiatives grow.

Naming the dead: Shining a Light on the US Drone War

Research report written by Jack Serle and edited by Rob Minto, looking at the process and impact of the Bureau's drone investigations.

Naming the Dead report 2018

Investigative Journalism Works: the Mechanism of Impact

Research report, looking at how to create impact in journalism. Written by Christopher Hird and edited by Katharine Quarmby.


US counter terror air strikes double in Trump's first year

Drones annual report, looking at covert action in four countries, written by Abigail Fielding-Smith, Jack Serle and Jessica Purkiss.

The Humanitarian Impact of Drones

Report looking at the humanitarian impact of drones, published by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; chapter on humanitarian harm by Jessica Purkiss and Jack Serle.


CIA Torture: What Happened to the 119 Detainees?

Research report, written by Dr Crofton Black, which builds an unprecedented picture of the 119 individuals secretly detained and tortured by the CIA as part of the US’s war on terror, in partnership with The Rendition Project.


Joint Enterprise

Research report examining joint enterprise. Written by Maeve McClenaghan, Melanie McFadyean and Rachel Stevenson.