Documentary reveals the unhealthy profits of the pharmaceutical industry

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The United States healthcare industry is the world’s biggest – with $300 billion a year spent on prescription drugs alone, and rising. But recent months have seen health scandal after health scandal, with some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies fined billions of dollars.

These cases are beginning to reveal vast corruption in the drug industry, with revelations of fraud, of cover-ups of fatal side effects and huge kickbacks paid to doctors. Our investigation reveals the story of how healthcare became unhealthy profit.


Reporter: Melanie Newman

Researcher: Emma Slater
Additional Research: Emily Wotton

Production Manager: Dee Lukic
Additional Camera: Murray Pinczuk
Film editing: Janet Taylor
Post-Production: Prime Focus

Produced & Filmed by: Chris Woods

Executive Producer (TBIJ): Iain Overton
Executive Producers (Al Jazeera English): Diarmuid Jeffreys, Neil Cairns


  • Paul Wilders

    Hello, Can your crusades include Cyprus where pharmaceutical prices are set by the government and they are high? I also have noticed that there is a price difference in some of the drugs I have to take vary tremendously in price in different countries e.g. Pradaxa 110mg here in south Cyprus is 88.75 euros in turkish northern Cyprus it is about 20 euros less and it varies all over the world. There are many more drugs similar disparity. Also here although the drugs are price marked at 83 euros they sell them only at 88 wife has to have Lucentis injections for wet macular degeneration 1100 euros each injection plus 50 euros consultation and about 300 mri of the eye.I wonder whether Pradaxa is really needed for life as I have been told? How many other drugs hook the user for life by the pharmacy industry. cyprus is very corrupt and need sorting out.

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