EU Commission Expenses: Cocktail parties, private jets, luxury away-days and limousines


The Bureau’s latest investigation details expenditure from the European Financial Transparency System (FTS).

The FTS was initiated in 2005 under the European Transparency Initiative (ETI) however the database remains incomplete and inaccurate.

The Bureau has worked for three months to bring you specific EU Commission expenditure in specific areas.

Below are links to some of the most topical data uncovered through our research.

The data should be approached with caution as some figures may not refer to one item of expenditure but to a cumulative amount of expenditure over a period of time. The FTS does not make that distinction and all the data is presented with the same degree of detail as it is by the EU Commission.

Read more of the data from our investigation below, arranged in spending themes.

EU Commission Expenditure – Jets *

EU Commission Expenditure – Limousines

EU Commission Expenditure – Golf

EU Commission Expenditure – Wine

EU Commission Expenditure – Orchestras

EU Commission Expenditure – Resorts

EU Commission Expenditure – Away Days

EU Commission Expenditure –  Banquets

The EU Commission is made up of 27 Commissioners, one from each of the member states, and about 25,000 European civil servants. It acts as the EU’s cabinet and some of its main purposes are to implement legislation for Europe and the day to day running of the Union and its funding programs.

The EU Commission rules on spending can be seen here.

The Commission sits in Brussels, and is entirely funded by the EU taxpayer.

* All the data relating to private jet travel is based on expenses information available for “Abelag Aviation NV”, the Commission’s main supplier of private jet travel services.