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2020 investigations and impact

Last year was one many people around the world were glad to see the back of. Here at the Bureau we can’t deny 2020 was tough – but we also felt the urgent need for public interest journalism on global, systemic issues.

We stepped up our work to expose the failing systems, secret agendas and corporate wrongdoing that are driving inequality in our society. We published with more news partners around the world to raise awareness of what needs to change, from major international media to local and specialist outlets in many different regions and sectors. Crucially, we made sure the evidence that could help drive change got to the people who could use it.

We have created a series of e-books summarising the investigations and impact achieved by each of our projects last year. You can explore them all below.

TBIJ Eating the Earth 2020

How industrial food is devastating the planet and driving climate change

TBIJ Global Health Investigations 2020

Working with communities and journalists around the world to uncover new evidence and tell unheard health stories

TBIJ Bureau Local 2020

A collaborative, investigative network revealing stories that matter to communities across the UK

TBIJ Enablers 2020

Investigating how UK executives, lawyers and advisors are enabling oligarchs, dictators and criminals around the world

TBIJ Decision Machines 2020

Investigating how the government is gathering and using our data and the companies it is paying to do so

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Header image credit: Tim Peake/ESA/NASA

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