Our People

The Bureau’s team consists of full-time reporters, data journalism specialists and editors, led by our managing editor Rachel Oldroyd. 

Our staff range from experienced journalists, academics and researchers who have spent years doing investigations to young reporters near the start of their careers. Some of us have been foreign correspondents in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Americas. Others are world experts on the US's covert drone wars, CIA rendition and the secret state. Between us we have vast experience of national and local print, radio, television, online and new media.



In addition to these members of staff and regular contractors, the Bureau also works with experienced freelancers. These have included Melanie McFadyean, writer, journalist and former lecturer at City University London, Rachel Stevenson, a BBC producer and journalist, Victoria Hollingsworth, an experienced TV assistant producer and Jason Lewis, formerly the investigations editor of the Sunday Telegraph.


The Bureau has a board of directors and an editorial advisory committee. Information about their roles and composition can be found here.